Phel K Jacobsen

Dear Reader,

I invite you to explore my website to acquaint yourself with me, the author, and with my Memoir, “I married a Park Ranger and became a Park Wife”.  My Memoir is a story full of adventure, isolation, and dedication that I experienced living in eight of our unique National Parks.

Today, except for in a few remote areas, park communities no longer exist, and the feeling of a park family has grown more distant. I am grateful that I had the good luck to have married a ranger to become a Park Wife. We belonged to the three privileged generations that experienced this unique “folk culture,” which began in Yellowstone National Park when rangers “smuggled” wives into their remote backcountry cabins—a lifestyle that no longer exists. 



I thank you for viewing my website.
I marvel at the instantaneous connection through the computer and that it offers us the ability to chat. It would be an honor for me to have your book club members choose to read my Memoir and I would like to join you for a discussion of my book if distance and or other obligations would not prevent it.

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