I was, naturally, nervous and wanting to give the best impression possible when WHSV-TV3 came to my home for my first public interview about the publication of my Memoir.  I took pains with my hair and my make-up.  I wore a clean, ironed light gold tailored shirt and selected my special Kalamath Indian necklace.

The house was clean, but the sidewalk needed sweeping.  So, I put on the old white, stained, gardening shirt of Bob’s over my outfit, to keep it from getting soiled.  It had only one button left on it and the cuffs were cut off.

The young 24-year-old TV reporter arrived in his little car painted in bright colors with WHSV-TV3 written all over it.  This handsome young man, dressed in a preppy shirt and tie, decided that the church pew on the screened porch would be a good place for me to sit for the interview.  With his large camera pointing at me, he asked me questions which I answered with facial expressions and hand gestures for about twenty minutes.

When the interview was finished, I stood up.  I looked down and shouted, “OH MY GOSH, I’m still wearing Bob’s old gardening shirt!”  He surely must have wondered about it.  Maybe he brushed it off as the layering fashion statement of “old age.”